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Your success is a modern website and success of your website starts from a contact with E-Conex.

Webdesign, e-commerce, social media, webisties’ maintenance,

audits and SEO optimization, websites and e-shops positioning,

intranet, AdWords and Facebook ads campaings, digital marketing.

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About us

E-Conex is not an ordinary interactive agency.

It is passion, creativity, open-mindedness and brilliant people. We used our over 25-year experience in an international and local business in creation of E-Conex interactive agency. We complete projects in the field of websites, e-commerce and e-marketing with success.

We have experience, knowledge and continuous need of development. It all translates into success and satisfaction of our clients.

Why us?

We possess our own team of specialists thanks to which we can complete graphic designs, create websites or marketing materials without a limit of corrections or number of project versions.

Our interactive agency is aware of its skills and quality it uses in projects, therefore, we are the only company which provides a lifelong guarantee for our projects. We have a group of professionals who specialise in each field of programming.

It allows us for completion of projects:

  • irrespective of a programming language (HTML5, PHP, Scala, Ruby)
  • based on open-source CMSs (Prestashop, Magento, WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal)
  • our own solutions implementations


Our main objective is creation of strong relations with clients.

We know how much communication and information exchange mean for success of the project. We make every effort to always have time for a meeting at the client’s place and at our office. We want that every project uses 100% of its potential.

We care of every detail, word, pixel. It all in combination with fantastic atmosphere of our team translates into our success and success of our clients.





Websites, e-shops, portals, web services and landing pages are our bread and butter.


The newest programming language thanks to which our websites are compatible with all Internet browsers.


Creativity together with the newest technology provides unlimited possibilities within the scope of creating animations on websites.


RWD is a standard in designs of our websites and e-shops. Each our design is adjusted to mobile devices.


Complex activity of SEO/SEM and full support in the scope of running Social Media.


The highest quality individual graphic designs of websites adjusted to the needs of our clients.

We also create full visual identification of a company (Logo, business cards, business paper).


Mobile applications iOS or Android? The contemporary world is Internet, but not only websites. Mobile applications are gaining more and more fans. There are millions of smartphone and tablet users in Poland. Thanks to our Interactive Agency, every client shall increase his/her chances of getting to a new group of recipients. An ideal solution is mobile applications which perfectly complement websites. Applications designed and programmed by us shall be adjusted to each operating system available: iOS, Android and Windows.

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Mobile applications iOS, Android


Within complex service we offer effective and fast implementation of changes on our client’s websites (e.g. a change of contents, adding or deleting images, corrections of websites, website administration). It is an innovative and cost-effective solution thanks to which our clients shall not have to invest their means in training or looking for website administration employees.
E-Conex shall bear responsibility and risk related to the interference in a website code for a fraction of costs which should be incurred by our client trying to administer the website on his/her own.

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Website administration Warsaw, Wroclaw, Cracow, Poznan, Gdansk


SEO optimization is not a trick. Websites without a proper support which is positioning, remain unnoticed. Most of potential clients restricts themselves to the first two pages in Google browser. You can influence the position of your website in the browser with the assistance of E-Conex! We shall conduct an audit and optimise the website in terms of SEO/SEM. We shall suggest proper phrases and our copywriter shall check and edit texts on the website that they are friendly in terms of searching. We shall also run AdWords campaigns within the budget determined by the client.

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SEO optimization


Social media administration is a fun but sometimes time consuming. Our interactive agency knows how hard is to find a good, committed and creative copywriter. Therefore, we offer full support and consulting on running official accounts on Social Media to relieve our clients. Irrespective of which Social Media is used: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Google +, a team of PR specialists prepares a schedule of a campaign adjusted to our clients’ strategy.

We shall also prepare an offer for each company or person who has never run such campaigns and would like to arise on social media.

Check out our agency FanPage.

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Social Media administration


We have our own team of graphic designers specialising in graphic design of websites and DTP. Our websites are designed in an unconventional way and each design is based on an individual approach. Unlimited corrections within cooperation without a risk of increasing a cost are a standard in our work. Our graphics of websites and online stores are also created in terms of accessibility on mobile devices. Within DTP we create:

– graphic designs of leaflets and business cards

– a logotype design

– a business paper design

– banner designs

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Graphic design


E-Conex interactive agency is the most modern technology, innovative solutions and graphics on the highest level. Therefore, our online stores are created exclusively with the use of reliable CMSs, dedicated to web-stores as such as Magento, PrestaShop, OpenCart, WooCommerce, Shoper and, as few companies in country, we offer solutions based on Shopify. We are not afraid of integrations with warehouse systems (WF-MAG, Subiekt GT), invoice systems or CRM’s.

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All our websites are created basing on an individual graphic design. We do not use patterns and each our project is adjusted to the client’s needs. We are not limited in terms of skills. It does not matter if we programme in HTML5, PHP, Java, Scala or Ruby. In our projects we use open-source solutions such as WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal and we can use our own CMS on request of our client. For larger projects we also suggest creation of a functionality template which makes it easier to illustrate relations still prior to a graphics design stage.

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Autoplaza Ford CMS Drupal / Maintenance +
Grupa Pronicel Intranet / Wordpress / Reservation system +
CKR Konstancin Wordpress refreshment / RWD +
Akademia Tańca Ireneusz Sulewski Wordpress / Reservation system / Audit & SEO + Wbesite design / Drupal +
Soszyńska Dance Academy Audit SEO / Google positioning +
Klub Prawnika Wordpress / RWD design +
Europa-Service Wordpress / Reservation system / Webdesign +
Greenpoint e-marketing / Webdesing / Social Media Facebook +
Midlands Portal www +


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